Everyone has a story to tell.

As a practicing registered nurse with more than thirty-four years experience working in acute, critical, and community care settings, I have heard many stories about feeling alone, overwhelmed, or invisible when I meet many of today’s seniors and the individuals who are caring for them.

Sensing a real need that what most of them want is to be heard, to belong, and to be appreciated, I am working with this population to find creative ways and practical solutions for helping them to tell their stories while building a base of resilience and support in themselves. Presently I am facilitating Life Process Transformation™, a sixteen-week program created by Viola Fodor, M.Ed., that invites participants to learn more about how to take care of themselves—in body, mind, and spirit—so that they are better able to care for others.

In a current project (Winter 2016) funded by Hamilton-Niagara-Haldimand-Brant (HNHB) Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN) and in collaboration with the local Alzheimer Society chapters in each of these communities, participants in Life Process Transformation™ are discovering the need for and value of honest self-examination, quieting the mind, and nurturing the inner self.