About Me

My interest in mental health and wellness counselling emerged twenty years ago when faced with the sudden and unexpected death of my father. I realized that as a registered nurse, wife, and mother, I was able to take care of others but that I lacked the capacity and insight for prioritizing and taking care of myself.  The crisis of my father’s death presented itself as an opportunity for change — personally and professionally.

Personally, I sought help from psychotherapist and wellness educator, Viola Fodor, who helped me realize that there was so much more I could be doing for myself. At the time, I felt overwhelmed, struggled with having to ask for help from others, and did not know where to begin. Viola taught me the value of honest self-examination, the importance of nurturing my inner self, and how to quiet my mind. Slowing down enough each day to quiet my mind or take quiet time was a new concept for me. It was hard work that took practice, patience, and perseverance. I also learned that healing from a mental health problem was possible.

Professionally, I have been a practicing registered nurse in acute, critical, and community care settings for thirty-four years, and have spent several years training with Viola Fodor. After this training, I changed my nursing focus to mental health when I saw first-hand how any people were struggling the way I once had. I knew I could help them in an uncomplicated and gentle way and this marked the beginning of my private practice.